Saturday, September 13, 2014

You Outgha Know About....

You Oughta Know about………  Some classroom lifesaver hacks!!

  By now mostly everyone has stated school, the newness is starting to wear off and things are settling in. Before I came back to school, I stayed on Pinterest and InstaGram looking for new ideas that I could bring to my little therapy space. And today, I want to share those things that are really working for me!! The first classroom life saver hack is….

The Technology Docking station!!

It's actually a dish dryer rack!! 

 For some reason this is like the easiest hack ever…. but I never even thought to do this sooner!!! This is sooo awesome!!! I am VERY big on keeping everything nice and NEAT!! This is a big help because all of my kiddos know when they are using the iPad or Kindle that it goes to the docking station. The other cool thing about this is that you can place a surge protector in the back and the cords are already there waiting for you to plug them in!!! This helps keep the cords in place and also can be easily found when you need them!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome hack!!!

 Another great hack is the cork board with clothes pins!!!

All you need is a cork board covered in the fabric of your choice. Hot glue some thumb tacs to the back of clothes pins BAM! you have a fancy letter holder!!  

In the world of speech therapy, it is very fast pace and you constantly have to send things home to your student’s parents. You have so much going on it gets awfully difficult to remember that you have to send home these form/document! However this is something that is very easy to make but is a VERY BIG HELP!!! Each day when I have to send things home I hang the important information on my pin board! Each document has the students name on it. I have also made the students responsible for checking the board to make sure they do not have anything hang on it for them. So, one of my procedures is before exiting the room they most check the board. If there is something hanging, the student’s must ask… “Ms. Winfrey is there something for me to take home?” If there is nothing hanging, nothing is said!!! This helps me out a great deal!!

My last share is really not a hack BUT it really helps me keep order in my speech land!!! yes people I am speaking of the  ORGANIZATION!! These are two key things that helps me stay together and makes things a lot easier just in case you might have to change your lesson/activity in a moments notice!

The ole trusty Binder and Page protectors!!!

I actually have a binder for each month!! Inside each binder the activity is housed inside a page protector. This is great because the protectors are clear so its as simple as flipping through a book!! Once you select an activity you can take it out the binder with ease! Now, I know this is too simple, BUT it really keeps everything together and you can place your fingers on what you needed at a moments notice!!

I hope what I have shared with you today helps you in your prospective field/classroom environment.

Have a FABULOUS school year!!

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  1. Great idea for having an organizational binder for each month of the year! I LOVE organization! Thank you for sharing!
    Best wishes!

    1. Yes! Binders are a great tool inside the classroom!! I'm just glad I have an area to put them all!!

  2. I love binders! I have too much stuff, so I have a binder for every theme I teach, every math strand and reading strand as well. :)

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

    1. Yes! Binders are a great tool inside the classroom!! I'm just glad I have an area to put them all!!