Friday, July 18, 2014

Can't sleep so let's chat!!

Hi all!! Well it is almost 4:00am it's raining cats and dogs outside, we are under a flash flood watch annnnd I am wide awake!!! Sooo since everyone else is sleeping I came here to chat!!! I figured I could share two great apps with you! 

All of my kidos, including myself, love fruit ninja!! Both of these apps work the same way but the student is actually learning valuable information! And these two apps will work great in the speech therapy setting as well as the classroom!! Woo~Hoo!! 

ABC ninja is a great FREE app that will assist in teaching letter recognition! The voice will call out a letter and the student must slash the fruit with the correct letter! 

Fruit ABC is great for older students! This will assist with letter sounds and spelling! Now there is a free lite version but the full version is $2.99. But if you want to test this app out, I think the free lite version will do just fine!! I can't wait to try these out with myspeechies!!  Check these two apps out and let me know what you think!!! Nighty nite!!! 

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