Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pinterest Project Turned Speech!

Hi All! Its that time of year!! Getting ready for a new school year!!! And if you are like me you are at home searching Pinterest for neat ideas to bring back to your classroom/office! Since I am always being over the top, I decided to think outside the box when it comes to classroom/office decor for the school. When looking through Pinterest I discovered a sign that was made for the home and wanted to implement it at school!!

My finished product came out AWESOME!!! But before showing my finished product...... Here's how I got it done!!

What will you need....

1. I bought all items that I didn't already have at Hobby Lobby!! The Metal Work was actually 50% off this week so it ran me about 6.99!! The wooden plaque was 2.99 and the wooden letters were .99. Paint can also be found there for cheap, but I already had my own little collection so I didn't need to purchase any this time around. Screws to hang the metal work can be found at Home Depot or Lowes. These usually come in bulk and and include many different sizes! Oh! I did get the screw hook from Home Depot for about 1.50! 

2. I screwed in the Hook at the top of the wooden plaque. I love these screw hooks because all you need is a little elbow grease no power tools!!! LOL Make sure you screw the hook towards the back of your plaque so that you can hang it properly.....

3. Now this is were your personality comes in!!! Paint each piece individually. That's the beauty of this project, you can paint this any way you want!!! Once the plaque is completely painted and dry (front and back) and the letters are completely painted and dry then you can glue them on! 

4. Lastly, hang the metal work up on the wall by your door..... This is were those screws in bulk comes in handy! However, you will need to find those power tools to get this up... so, in my case... find someone who knows how to use the power tools to put it up for me!!! :-)   

I have not had a chance to hang it up yet but this is my finished product......

Happy Crafting!!!