Friday, July 4, 2014


Hi All!! Hope everyone is having a GREAT 4th of July! Mine has been eventful ! I did some shopping, which is always fun, and went for a bite to eat! And guess who I met..... "The Fire Works Queen!" Who is that??? Well I glad you asked!!!

She was awesome!! She had her tiara along with her dynamite scepter!!!

Ok let move on...... Today is Friday and I would like to introduce Hackin' Friday! Life Hacks refer to a strategy, technique or use of an item that will help mange one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way!! Today I will share 2 hacks with you that will make life in the classroom just a little bit easier!!!

1. Use travel soap container to store your playing/flash cards
   This classroom hack helps with organization and keeping up with all of your cards. I know many times, for SLP's, space is limited or there is always traveling involved during the work day. This is a great way to keep all of your therapy materials together. Teachers this will help you keep your classroom neat and clean!! These soap containers are also good for keeping colors, band-aids or any other items that are sometimes hard to keep up with!

2. Dish Dryer Rack as an Organizer!!

Okay Teachers, SLP's and other classroom individuals do you ever look like the picture above?? Well I know I have been on the verge!!! LOL! However, the Dish Dryer Rack used as an organizer is a really good idea!! As an SLP, I (we) have IEP's that are due all throughout the school year, and sometime it is challenging trying to keep up with which IEP's you have are working on, what attachments you have received from other teachers and which parent notice letter you have gotten back! This dish rack is an awesome organizational tool...

You can place all of your "currently working on files" in the rack just to keep yourself organized and  up to date of what you have and need to work with. This can also be used as a tool where students can turn in their signed papers.... This can be used in some many different ways! I always love ideas that can be used and can be adjusted in the way that will be convenient for you!

You know what...... I think I'm gonna love these Hackin' Fridays!!! I sure hope you do too!!

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